Sjef – Café de Doelen, Amsterdam

Is this cat ever awake?

It’s possible that Sjef is related to his predecessor, a humungous ginger tom with a foul temper. In Sjef the ginger is combined with white, which might suggest a love affair with an elegant white coated feline. But it’s hard to tell. Comparing temperament would involve seeing him in motion and move is something Sjef seldom does. Whether it’s on a stool at the top of the stairs, spread across a table or curled contentedly on a chair, all this cat seems to do is sleep. Moving him is not an option. Should a chair be occupied your only option is order a hot chocolate topped with cream and waft it under his nose as you saunter past. You may choose to forgo your chocolate once he has sampled it, but you will have gained a seat.

Nope, still not moving.
Nope, still not moving.

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