Jean-Claude – Au Soleil, Brussels

Jean-Claude taking in the sun on the pavement outside Au Soleil

Jean-Claude has been a permanent feature at Au Soleil for almost a decade now. When the previous owners sold up she clearly felt a greater sense of loyalty to the bar than to them for she remained. Perhaps there was a certain sense of pique in being landed with a male name despite her feline femininity. Whatever the reason customers are certainly glad of her continued presence  often bringing treats with which to spoil her. Jean-Claude appreciates the attention, happily sleeping next to them or demanding fuss when she wants it. But sometimes she needs a little solo time. Then she will take a daily wander around the shops on neighbouring Rue du Marché au Charbon, occasionally disappearing down a gated alleyway inaccessible to humans. Where does she go? Nobody knows. Sometimes a lady needs her privacy.

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