Antonio – Scheltema, Amsterdam

Antonio looking thoughtful. Possibly looking for more legs to scratch.

Antonio is beginning to show his age a little now. Once notorious for ambushing customers from atop the cabinet containing apple pie or lashing out at unsuspecting legs when he was on the prowl, he now prefers to spend the majority of the day curled up in his basket nursing the rubber giraffe which keeps him company.  There’s still life, and sharp claws, left in the old cat yet though. If any unsuspecting customer tries to lure him onto their lap they will soon discover that any sudden movement is liable to result in those claws digging firmly into thighs.  If he is in sociable mood trying to read a paper is also not recommended, unless you have no objection to it slowly being torn to shreds.

Antonio in his basket. There is a rubber giraffe under there somewhere…

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