Au Daringman – Brussels

Au Daringman

It would be easy to walk past Au Daringman, situated on Rue de Flandre in the popular Dansaert area of Brussels, but to do so would be shame. Although the cafe does not shout its presence from the street, wander inside and you will discover an interior unique of its kind with geometrical shapes in wood and leatherhead gracing the walls.

Geometrical shapes in wood and leatherhead grace the walls


Red topped formica tables and an array of plants in the window give it a homely feel, and with some of the most reasonably priced beer in Brussels there is every reason to stay.

The cafe gets its name from a descendant of the original owner, Monsieur Hazendonk, who was a boxer and member of the Daring Club de Bruxelles in the 1950s and 1960s.

Red formica topped tables give the cafe a friendly vibe

It’s the kind of place where regulars from that era probably still drop by, although the clientele is pleasingly mixed with regulars giving way to a younger crowd come the evening.

Sadly the bar manager is not the owner of the building and is therefore never sure of the future of the place. Best to visit this little gem while you still can.

Au Daringman, rue de Flandre 37, Brussels




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