Café Krom – Amsterdam

The stunnign Art Deco Bar

Café Krom is simply one of the best bars in Amsterdam. In the summer they serve Duvel in glasses so chilled there is still ice on them, come winter there is a great selection of bock beers to put the glow back into your cheeks. And at anytime in between there is excellent coffee and some of the tastiest cheese toasties in town.

Krom’s interior

If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, Krom is also graced with an utterly marvellous vintage juke box. Ask nicely and the bar staff will give you some old Guilders to enable you to make your choice from the ever changing selection of 45s.

The bar’s famous jukebox


Dutch floral still life!

And then of course there is Arie, one of the stars of our Bar Cats section. Often found curled up by the jars of nuts he will occasionally wander through his territory accepting caresses from the clientele.


Arie, one of the bars main attraction


Café Krom, Utrechtsestraat 76, 1017, Amsterdam

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