About Us

Hello and welcome to Valise et Parapluie,

So, what are we about? Basically books, film, art and music by people from, or inspired by the area spanning roughly Paris to Amsterdam. Hopefully we’ll introduce you to some things you’ve never heard of as well as keeping you informed of the best, or simply most intriguing, cultural events in the area.

We like bars where the barmen are as worn in as the furniture, cocktail bars where the barmen wear white coats, independent book and record stores that provoke discovery, wandering off the beaten track, bock beers, genever and good Dutch cheese. We’ll tell you about these things too.

A few of the things that will be coming up:

The 100th anniversary of De Stijl

An introduction to Agnés Varda

Pol Bury

Plus the region’s finest bars, cafés, food, drink and of course, bar cats.


To contact us, please email: